Release Notes


24th July 2019

  • Fix issue with migrated camera names being overridden with default model name

  • Fix issue with incorrect state for photo/camera/node information after network synchronisation

  • Fix issue with GRID photo transfers getting stuck under heavy load

  • Fix issue with GRID network messages being consuming too slowly, leading to connection timeout

  • Fix memory corruption and crash when synchronising GRID network connection

  • Fix issue with rejected download requests of camera already has capture request pending

  • Improve reliability of GRID network session handling and recovery

  • Add network priority mode option to control GUI/network priority

  • Add Node column to photo and camera tables

  • Add link to documentation website in Help menu

  • Add ability to customise GRID node connection timeout

  • Ensure Client Presentation Mode only downloads JPEGs when shooting RAW+JPEG

  • Ensure session num UI gets updated after options update

  • Ensure log file is flushed when handling bugsplat report

  • Ensure linux snap package uses common user directory for photo storage

  • Show totals for photos/cameras/nodes in UI tables

  • Reduce use of GPU when Capture tab is not visible

  • Filter out noisy Nikon ExposureIndicateStatus messages from log


5th July 2019

  • Initial release of CaptureGRID 4 (split from Smart Shooter 4)