Release Notes


19th February 2020

  • Improve image quality of previews and thumbnails in photo display window

  • Add option to disable Live View focus with mouse wheel

  • Add support for bugsplat crash reporting on mac

  • Add error code descriptions to cryptlex license window UI

  • Add mappings for more Sony a7R4 camera settings

  • Show trial ID in trial/license window

  • Ensure correct texture level is chosen in photo preview window

  • Ensure Quick Loupe uses fullsize photo

  • Ensure control characters (ie. newline) are stipped from photo filename

  • Ensure PhotoFilename field is sent to external API event stream

  • Ensure log file is updated on regular interval

  • Fix issue with Sony camera properties getting out of sync

  • Fix issue with Sony capture requests returning early failure

  • Fix issue with histogram when two display windows are used

  • Fix issue with photo detection and download on Sony a7R4

  • Fix issue with sticky UI controls on mac

  • Fix error when running Bulb Timelapse script

  • Fix crash when using multiple display windows on mac

  • Fix crash when loading background image


31st December 2019

  • Fix issue with update window getting stuck in background on mac

  • Fix issue with Live View FPS controls

  • Fix issue with photo names contained absolute files paths

  • Fix External API fields for CameraNumDownloadsComplete and CameraNumDownloadsFailed

  • Support GRID network transfers for video files

  • Separate GRID photo USB download and network transfer operations

  • Add option for setting default Live View FPS

  • Add rate limiter to photo viewer to avoid backlog of loading/decoding operations

  • Stop sendling LiveviewUpdated message to External API

  • Do not switch network adapter if chosen IP address temporarily goes down


15th November 2019

  • Add ability to retrieve log file from remote GRID nodes

  • Add ability to clean download data and directory from GRID nodes

  • Add information about GRID node memory usage

  • Add support for photo quality settings on Sony cameras

  • Add new OptionsUpdated External API message

  • Add option to hide on-card photos from filmstrip

  • Add new Trigger Controls UI window

  • Add UI to allow formatting memory cards in specific cameras

  • Change ‘Delete All’ button to only delete known photos and not download directory

  • Increase default GRID photo transfer size to 50 MB

  • Improve UI for hiding/unhiding photos

  • Fix GRID node disk space calculation for linux 32bit platforms

  • Fix GRID slave node handling requests with ‘multiple’ selection mode

  • Fix support for RAW+JPEG mode on Sony cameras

  • Ensure large log file does not persist once app is restarted

  • Ensure app update checks do not happen while activation window is still visible

  • Ensure GRID node name and camera database is saved even when app is not shutdown cleanly

  • Ensure OptionsInfo and DownloadPath are added to External API synchronistion reply

  • Ignore folders created by camera on memory card

  • Ignore duplicate photos when shooting to dual memory card slots

  • Avoid possible app hang when handling USB communication errors on Windows


28th October 2019

  • Support new master/slave GRID networking mode

  • Optimise memory usage when GRID photo transfers are done in single chunk

  • Allow multiple nodes to be selection from node table UI

  • Allow GRID node renaming from camera table UI

  • Allow GRID node names be be edited directly from row in nodes table UI

  • Add ability to filter absent nodes from node table UI

  • Add option to disable automatic rotation using photo EXIF

  • Add option to apply rotation from camera metadata

  • Add option to auto fill Session Name or Unique Tag when clipboard text changes

  • Add checkbox for pausing output text in log window

  • Add single ‘Manage License’ item to help menu

  • Use GRID master node mode to decide about distributing options

  • Only send GRID discovery messages from unconnected nodes or master node

  • Fix USB host controller detection and balancing on Windows

  • Fix orientation of live view loupe when display mirroring is enabled

  • Fix possible hang when closing application

  • Fix issue when renaming local GRID node

  • Fix license verification when running in CLI mode

  • Fix initial text in node/camera table selection indicator


29th September 2019

  • Add Sony support for cameras in the a6xxx range, a9, and a7 variants

  • Add support for changing Sony camera properties

  • Add support for live view on Sony cameras

  • Add UI buttons for incrementing/decrementing camera properties

  • Add script for direct shutter button control for Canon cameras

  • Add rate limiter to fix hang during GRID photo synchronisation

  • Fix colouring of UI text for script status

  • Fix photo rendering for GPUs that have limited max texture size

  • Fix issue with [E] filename token when shooting RAW+JPEG

  • Fix issue with Sony camera communication on linux

  • Fix possible app hang and memory leak during heavy GRID network traffic

  • Replace warning icons with coloured text in Camera Controls window

  • Allow parallel downloads from cameras connected through same USB host controller

  • Ensure trial dialog is not shown for GRID slaves even after license file has become stale


28th August 2019

  • Add support for Canon 250D / Rebel SL3 / Kiss X10

  • Add new zxing barcode scanner engine

  • Add buttons for pasting clipboard into filename options text fields

  • Fix issue with support for cardless operation with Canon cameras

  • Fix misleading names used in PTP property log messages

  • Show platform with GRID node information

  • Show Card/Disk status for filmstrip thumbnail placeholder

  • Replace Client Presentation Mode option with Card Preview dropdown menu

  • Change behaviour of barcode text field to accept external scanner input

  • Track Session Name and Session Number information with each photo

  • Ensure camera status is updated for lost cameras during GRID network synchronisation

  • Improve GUI table perf by disabling automatic column resizing

  • Separate photo location and hidden status

  • Allow photos to be unhidden


24th July 2019

  • Fix issue with migrated camera names being overridden with default model name

  • Fix issue with incorrect state for photo/camera/node information after network synchronisation

  • Fix issue with GRID photo transfers getting stuck under heavy load

  • Fix issue with GRID network messages being consuming too slowly, leading to connection timeout

  • Fix memory corruption and crash when synchronising GRID network connection

  • Fix issue with rejected download requests of camera already has capture request pending

  • Improve reliability of GRID network session handling and recovery

  • Add network priority mode option to control GUI/network priority

  • Add Node column to photo and camera tables

  • Add link to documentation website in Help menu

  • Add ability to customise GRID node connection timeout

  • Ensure Client Presentation Mode only downloads JPEGs when shooting RAW+JPEG

  • Ensure session num UI gets updated after options update

  • Ensure log file is flushed when handling bugsplat report

  • Ensure linux snap package uses common user directory for photo storage

  • Show totals for photos/cameras/nodes in UI tables

  • Reduce use of GPU when Capture tab is not visible

  • Filter out noisy Nikon ExposureIndicateStatus messages from log


5th July 2019

  • Initial release of CaptureGRID 4 (split from Smart Shooter 4)