Raspberry Pi

Minimum Requirements

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3

CaptureGRID is also provided as a stand alone system image for Raspberry Pi 3 computers. This allows headless operation; instead of using keyboard/mouse/display to interact and control the software, it can be controlled across a local network from another computer running CaptureGRID.

This system image is based on Ubuntu Core 18.04, and is pre-installed with the CaptureGRID snap package, as described in the Linux section.


If you are looking to for a system image for a different hardware platform, please contact us to see if this is possible.


To set this up, download the IMG file from https://kuvacode.com/capturegrid4, and flash it directly to a micro SD card. Insert the card into the computer, connect power and network cables, and USB cable to the cameras.

The computer will boot up, and start CaptureGRID automatically. At this point, the app will run as a background service on the Raspberry Pi:

  • Cameras will be automatically detected and connected

  • Networking will be used to communicate with CaptureGRID app running on other local computers

  • External API will be enabled and listening for commands.

Obtaining Updates

New releases of the app will be made available through the Ubuntu snap store, and will be applied automatically.