License Activation

How to activate your license for CaptureGRID

When CaptureGRID is first installed on a computer, it will operate in a trial mode lasting one month. During the trial period, all functionality is unlocked, so this time can be used to evaluate the app before making a purchase.

After purchasing a license for CaptureGRID, you will receive an email containing the activation code, which can be used to activate and unlock the app from trial mode. This email is sent to the same email address that you specified when making the purchase.

Activation Code

In a multi-computer camera rig, the activation code only needs to be used on one of the computers. Once all the computers are connected and communicating over the network, the license information will be synchronised across the computers and unlock them all from trial mode.

Therefore it’s expected that you consider one of the computers to be the master computer, and only enter the activation code manually on this computer.

So infact there are two different ways in which the app will unlock from trial mode:

  • User enters activation code into app’s UI

  • App automatically receives license information from other networked computer

The activation code itself can be used on up to 2 computers at the same time, so unlocking the app this way can only be done 2 times. The intention is to use this method for the master computer, and then also a secondary backup computer as required.


The format of the activation code is 36 hexidecimal digits, for example:



If you ever need to deactivate the license, click Help -> Deactivate Licence in the top menu bar. You may need to do this if you want to install the software on another computer and use the same license there.


You can view the license information and manage the activations/deactivations yourself at the customer portal website: