Minimum Requirements

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Intel/AMD 64bit, ARM32, or ARM64

CaptureGRID is provided as a snap package, and is available from the Ubuntu snap store at


First, ensure that the core snap is installed, using the following command:

> snap install core

CaptureGRID can then be installed with the following command. This downloads the correct version of the package for your system and installs it:

> snap install capturegrid4

To uninstall the app, run the following command:

> snap remove capturegrid4

Running the App

The app is configured to run as a background service. After install, this services will be started automatically. To check the status of the service:

> snap services

To start/stop the service, or view the logs from the service:

> snap start capturegrid4
> snap stop capturegrid4
> snap logs -n all -f capturegrid4

Instead of running as a background service, the app can also be run manually from the command line by executing the capturegrid4 command:

> snap stop capturegrid4
> capturegrid4 --help
Usage: CaptureGRID4 [options]
  -c, --cli      Run in CLI mode
  -g, --grid     Enable GRID networking
  -a, --api      Enable External API
  -r, --run      Specifies a script file to run immediately
  -v, --version  Print version number and exit
  -h, --help     Show this help message and exit

Obtaining Updates

New releases of the app will be made available through the Ubuntu snap store, and will be applied automatically. To check the current version you have installed:

> snap list capturegrid4


For more information about snaps, see: